Hike/Walk Resources

There is a Whatcom Walking group for men as well.

 You’ll find their website very entertaining: http://whatcomhikers.org 

Leave no trace behind...

Leave no trace behind…


(Please share any additional resources with us. Let us know where changes are needed )

  1. City of Bellingham Parks and Recreation Department offers a number of guides to walks within the city. http://www.cob.org/services/recreation/parks-trails/index.aspx
  2. Trail guides for Bellingham Parks are available here: https://www.cob.org/documents/parks/parks-trails/trail-guide/bellingham_trail_guide.pdf
  3.  The Friends of Blanchard Mountain website offers information on this important resource located just south of the city off of Highway 11. www.blanchardmountain.org/photo.html
  4. The Pacific Northwest Trail Association site contains information and maps covering hundreds of miles of trails in the area, including Blanchard Mountain. www.pnt.org
  5. The Washington Trail Association includes an online trail guide and hiker-written reviews. A good source for recent trail conditions. www.wta.org
  6.  Whatcom County maintains more than 40 miles of hiking trails throughout the county. Whatcom County Trails
  7.  Mount Baker National Forest has a wide variety of hikes and reasonably current information on trail conditions. www.fs.usda.gov/mbs 
  8. Washington State Parks offers information on hikes within Larrabee State Park. http://parks.state.wa.us/536/Larrabee
  9. The Local Hikes website lists various hikes in and around the city, and in the nearby mountains. www.localhikes.com/MSA/MSA_0860.asp
  10. Fairhaven Runners, a well-respected local fitness store, lists trails and sells a colorful, not-to-scale map. www.fairhavenrunners.com/trails/index.html
  11.  Kulshan.com describes nearly 30 hikes in the county and nearby mountains. www.whatcom.kulshan.com/Washington/Whatcom County/Outdoors/default.htm
  12.  Mount Baker Club www.bellingham.org/activities/hiking/
  13.  NW Tulip Trekkers www.nwtrekkers.org
  14. Since 1986, North Cascades Institute (a nonprofit organization) has worked to conserve and restore Northwest environments through education. They inspire close relationships with nature through direct experiences in the natural world. http://www.ncascades.org
  15. Bellingham Fit http://bellinghamfit.com
  16. Day Adventures: Whatcom Community College  www.whatcom.ctc.edu
  17. Domestic Violence & sexual Assault Services of Whatcom County offers an annual self-defence course: 360 671-5714
  18. Bellingham City Club – a national org, but very active in the NW. Non-profit, mission to inform. No fundraising. http://www.cityclubonline.com/
  19. Western Washington University has a fitness program for “mature adults” – men and women over 60 (give or take a few years) The commitment is for an entire quarter, 3 days/week and is free. The student must fill out a form, with doctor sign-off and submit it. Then the student is assigned a WWU student as a personal trainer. Following is the website for the faculty member who coordinates the program – Dr. Kathy Knutzen (Kathy.Knutzen@wwu.edu)
  20. Wilderness Survival Tips and information are available on this website: surviving-in-the-wild