Three new walks added to our schedule

Beginning July 1, 2022 three new walks have been added to the schedule. Details below.

Sunset Pond

Parking: Cornwall Park – Entrance on Meridian at Squalicum Parkway.

Trail Instructions:  Head past the shelter on the trail that parallels Birchwood Avenue.  Cross Birchwood Avenue and walk along Orchard Drive for about a block.  Turn right on the railroad bed trail toward James Street.  Cross James Street, continue walking the same direction until you come to a gravel path off to the right.  Proceed over the foot bridge toward Sunset Pond.  Turn around and retrace this route.  RT is 2.5 miles. 
Alternate or add-on:  Proceed straight (instead of Sunset Pond foot bridge) on the trail to Irongate Street and then turn around.  RT is 4.0 miles.

Squalicum Creek Park to Elizabeth Park

Parking:  Squalicum Creek Park

Trail Instructions: Head toward Squalicum Way, cross and proceed up West Street.  Turn left on Washington Street and proceed into Elizabeth Park at Walnut Street.  Loop through the park and exit where you entered.  Proceed on Washington to Williams and turn right.  Proceed to W. North and turn left.  Proceed to West and turn right.  RT is 2 miles and can be extended by doing a loop around Squalicum Park upon your return.  

Memorial Park

Parking:  Barkley Village

Trail Instructions: Head toward the railroad trail, turn right.  Proceed west toward I-5 and Memorial Park, which is after you’ve crossed I-5.  The loop through the park does not have a trail but is on lawn, which was fairly wet when we did it. There are interesting trees and Sunnyland School in addition to the Memorial Markers.  Return via the same route. Approximately 3 miles RT.  Watch out for the turnoff to the left to get back to your cars.