Guided Walking Tour of WWU Outdoor Sculptures – June 13

We will have a guided tour of campus outdoor sculptures led by Sarah Clark-Langagah, the University Gallery curator.  We will leave from the student union Promptly at 8:30 am.  The tour will be 1-11/2 hours.  The sculptures are all over the campus so we will get a good walk as well.  If you have not seen all of the sculptures there are many interesting pieces, some from world renown artists.  Check out the WWU website for a preview.

Coffee in the library or the student union will follow the tour.

Park or Ride: Of course parking is an issue but not a blockade.  A few cars can park at Carola & Karen’s, and Jeanne Uhles will have passes to park on the street in front of her house.  Contact her and plan to arrive early to make use of her on-the-street parking.  Bus info: The WTA leaves the Lincoln St. Park and Ride on the hour and the half hour.   You arrive across from the student union in 13 minutes.  You would need to catch the 8 am to be at the student union on time. Cost is $1 each way.  You can get parking on the campus for $2 per hour but it might not be very close.
Thanks to Jeanne Uhles for organizing!