Tick Alert!

Tick Alert for 2014

Watch out for ticks this year;  we’re sharing the following message from the Mount Baker Club:

“… This year I’ve noticed and heard from a number of people that there have been many more ticks found on clothing after hiking in the Chuckanuts than any of us can remember. Last weekend while doing survey work of old cultural sites in the Chuckanuts one of my partners found four of them crawling up their pant’s leg at just one time.

I’ve attached a couple of website links that go into ticks, diseases, and strategies with far more info than you’ll probably want to know but they do provide interesting reading. One point of mild controversy concerns whether to wear light or dark colors. Ticks are attracted to light colors (as well as other things) but are easier to see on light colors. You can decide what works best for you.

Please keep this potential increase in the local tick population in perspective. Many of us have grown up where ticks were a common feature of summer and we learned to routinely deal with them. But it wouldn’t hurt to be a little more attentive to possible tick hitchhikers this year during and after your outdoor adventures…”